You can help small voices tell their story and keep them safe from abuse.

We cannot thank you enough for caring for kids with your support. If you give by credit card below, we thank you in advance for helping us offset our credit card processing charges with just a few dollars extra. If you would prefer to make your gift by check or pledge, call us at 859-525-1128.

Here just a few ways your gifts work directly to Help Us Help Them:

$250-$100 Mental Health Therapy and Community Education to Help Children Heal

  • Supports training from the NKYCAC staff to police officers, social workers and prosecutors to work child abuse cases
  • Provides educational booklets for parents and caregivers 
  • Buys art supplies to use during therapy with children
  • Allows the NKYCAC to purchase items like therapeutic toys and materials used in counseling sessions

$75-$25 Services Provided by the NKYCAC to Keep Children Safe 

  • Purchases DVD’s to record children’s disclosures of abuse
  • Buys emergency groceries for non-offending caregivers in need during a time of crisis
  • Purchases individually wrapped snacks or juice boxes for children at the NKYCAC
  • Provides gasoline or transporation (cab fare) for a family to get to the Center

 $20-$5 Little Things That Mean A Lot

  • Purchases DVDs (children's movies or soothing images) for children to watch while waiting for interviews/appointments
  • Supplies special journals for children to use during therapy
  • Buys a meal for a child, and perhaps their siblings, who may not have eaten that day

Send a Gift from to the NKYCAC:

Great gifts come in all shapes and sizes! Here are some things the NKYCAC uses to help children and families--things like coloring books, crayons, juice boxes and mac and cheese!

CLICK HERE for our wishlist and send a gift from Amazon to the NKYCAC!

Matching Gifts:

Check your company's human resources department to see if they match charitable contributions--you might be able to double or triple your gift today!

$100.00 + Credit Card Processing Fee $5.00

$50.00 + Credit Card Processing Fee $3.00

$25.00 + Credit Card Processing Fee $2.00


You help a child tell their story in a safe place with your gift.

Thank you for giving to the Northern Kentucky Children's Advocacy Center. With generous donations, sponsorships and help from our friends in the community, we are able to help children safe from abuse. All contributions are fully tax-deductible under the limits of the law.

You may donate on line through the link above, or mail your check and/or contributions to us in care of the Northern Kentucky Children's Advocacy Center, 4890 Houston Road, Florence, KY 41042.

We can also take your credit card information (Mastercard and Visa) over the phone at 859-525-1128 if you prefer not to make your gift on line.

Thank you for helping us help them!